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My Story


My name is Joey, and this is my journey.

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you've read a few posts and learned something new.


I started this journey a few years ago - the most harrowing chapter of my life. It began after losing my grandmother. It was the first time I truly lost someone. I just got my life back on track before losing her, as I had only just moved from a tough breakup and redundancy. I was physically at my worst and blew all my finances out the window too.


I started to contemplate suicide in my late-20s. I would spend hours visualizing different ways to end everything. It was a morbid obsession. I was the quiet lad that kept his head down and got on with life, but the voices inside my head wanted to do the unthinkable. Behind my smile was someone who just wanted to end everything. My anxiety and bouts of depression were my worst enemies.​ Thankfully, I turned my life around. I received help and beat my demons. 


After I got my life back on track, I decided to create a blog. I could use it as a way to share my feelings online and engage with other men who have been in my position. However, it was only a short time before I had a completely different vision.

Concealed Voices can be more than a blog. It can be a movement to force change in society—a way of life to give hope to men deprived of happiness. A community to educate, inspire, and motivate men across the world. I could use my platform to invest in different businesses, charities, communities, people, and projects. The list is endless.

I have many goals I want to accomplish, and this project is at the front of them. You can keep up to date with my project by subscribing to my blog and following my social media accounts.

Best Wishes,

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