My Story

My name is Joey and this is my journey.

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you've read a few of my posts and taken something away from them.


I started this journey in 2018 - the hardest year of my life. I lost my grandmother in July and it was the first time I truly lost someone. I just got my life back on track before losing my grandmother as I went through a tough breakup and a redundancy. I was physically at my worst and blew all my finances out the window, too.


I started to contemplate suicide in my late-20s. I’d spend hours visualising different ways to end everything, especially before bed. It was a morbid obsession. I was always known as the quiet lad who kept his head down, enjoyed the gym and played sports – yet the voices in my head wanted to do the unthinkable and cause harm. Behind my smile was someone who just wanted to end everything.


I also started to suffer from anxiety and it was controlling my life. People have always called me shy but I’m just socially selective. I don’t want people to know my business. Society is fake and finding true friends is rare. However, my confidence was at its lowest and I found it hard to interact with people.

I wanted to do something positive after I got my life back on track. My biggest fear is living life without reaching my full potential and I know there are millions of men in the same position. Men's mental health is real and it holds back so many of us, thus I wanted to create a platform/brand that people can recognise and relate too.

I've many things in life I want to accomplish but this project is at the front of it. I hope you join me on my journey. You can do so by following my social media accounts and contributing to this blog so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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