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3 Reasons Why Men Should Blog

My life has changed for the better ever since I decided to express my feelings to the world. I found it a way of escapism during a turbulent period in my life.

Blogging is more than typing away on a keyboard. It’s given me an opportunity to create a business that I truly believe will exceed even my wildest imaginations but yet I still get weird expressions from men when I tell them I blog.

I do encourage men to give blogging a chance rather than mindlessly playing pointless video games or knocking down pints at the pub although I know most won’t take my advice or encouragement.

Then again, do I care? I’m moving to better places in life and my hard work is paying off as I edge closing to being self-employed.

Nevertheless, here are my 3 reasons more men should start blogging.

It’s a rewarding and healthy hobby

Some men might say sitting in front of a computer is just as unhealthy as drinking in a pub, but I disagree as it depends on your lifestyle. I can write a post in less than an hour and use the rest of the day doing other things. You also improve your literacy and learn new things along the way.

Secondly. The potential financial rewards are enormous if you hit the right audience but most bloggers don't intend to reach such ambitions. I can’t think of many other environments where you might create a business from your living room.

Thirdly. Friends, friends and even more friends. I can’t count the number of new people who have been such a positive influence in my life since I started my journey.

Engaging with a woman’s perspectives

The blogging community is predominantly populated by women. I don’t know the reason for it. If I had a guess then I assume one reason might be because they’re more open to discuss their feelings, whereas men are not.

I’ve formed beautiful friendships with women from all over the world during my short time blogging. We’ve had deep and meaningful conversations about social, economic and societal topics.

I love how we’re able to learn from each other rather than flirting like other platforms. Blogging isn’t the environment for it. Maybe some do but I would be wasting my time if I went down that route. I’ll save the rest for Tinder if I can ever be bothered to use it.

It’s nice to learn and understand the thoughts and opinions from a woman’s perspective as it’s something I might not receive from my male friends.

It’s great for your mental health

This is a massively underrated point when it comes to blogging.

I forget about all my struggles when I type away. I can also use the time while blogging to process my thoughts and any worries that bother me.

I pretend the outside world doesn’t exist and cut off all contact from everyone when I’m in the zone. I’m at total peace and comfort when it’s just me and my words.

The feel-good factor is also addictive after you publish a post. You get a sense of achievement knowing you haven’t wasted the day doing something meaningless or dull.

Good luck to everyone on their blogging journey. Please stick around because you won’t regret it.

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