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30 Social Media Content Ideas

It can be frustrating when you lack ideas for social media so check out my 30 awesome ideas to keep you busy!

1 – A motivational quote

The most popular post of all. Pick something you resonate and be creative with your designs. Have fun with it!

2 – A memory from the past

Share an image or write about someone who inspired you growing up. Perhaps a family member, a friend or even a mythical character.

3 – Talk about your greatest comeback

Reminisce about a time when you beat the odds and inspire someone to get through the day.

4 – Tell us something we didn’t know about you

Maybe you have a hidden talent or an achievement to share. Be honest and create a bond with your followers.

5 – Recommend a book

Talk about your favourite books and authors who you admire.

6 – What is your daily routine?

Motivate others by giving them an insight into your life and what drives you to be the best.

7 – Who do you support?

Maybe you have a favourite sports team or a member of a charity organisation.

8 – Recommend a game

Is there an app you're crazy about and want others to download? Or maybe you're a member of a chess or boardgame society?

9 – Do you own any pets?

Do you have happy memories of a pet during childhood or donate to a wildlife charity?

10 – Share your failures

How did you overcome hardship and grow into the person you are today?

11 – Celebrate your biggest victories

Don’t feel just because you haven’t climbed a mountain that you don’t have anything to share. Talk about graduating from university, your first job or raising money for charity.

12 – Who are your role models?

This could be someone in your family or a famous icon. Talk about their qualities and what others can learn from them.

13 – A day in your life post

An interesting topic that gives followers a chance to get to know the person behind the keyboard. Maybe create a vlog or put together a series of pictures. Be creative!

14 – Advertise/promote a product

This doesn’t need to be a monetary post but you might have a favourite brand of skin care products or a clothing brand. Don't forget to include any discount!

15 – Share your travel adventures

Talk about your most recent trip or discuss plans for the future. Travel topics are very popular and you can engage with people from all walks of life and cultures.

16 – Give a shoutout to your follows/fans

Give love back to those who support you. Discuss your plans for the future or share a meme/quote to know you appreciate their loyalty.

17 – Giveaway/competitions

Keep followers engaged by having a giveaway every so often. Think outside the box if you don’t have a product. Maybe the winner can write a guest post or work on a project with you.

18 – An event you attended

Share your experience and ask if others have been before you. What did you learn from it and would you recommend it to others?

19 – Post a fact

Think outside the box and tell the world something not many people know about. Open new doors to niche followers.

20 – Talk about what you love the most

From family to hobbies, you have an unlimited range of subjects. Be proud of who and what you love.

21 – Be open about mental health

People are speaking more than ever about mental health so why open your experiences and how you bounced back. Some of your followers might feel at ease knowing they’re not the only one going through tough times.

22 – Smile! Time for a selfie or portrait

Show your tattoos, a new hairstyle or your favourite possessions?

23 – Promote your local community

You might live near a famous monument or your member of an organisation that does good things for your hometown. Embrace your community with positivity.

24 – Share someone else’s content

Your influence could really help someone. Giving back to people who helped you is priceless. It will also allow you to gain new followers from a different community.

25 – A back in time post

Reminisce about a story from the past. Talk about your successes or how you bounced back from failures.

26 – Give your views on a topic in the news

Don’t hide your feelings. If there’s something in the news you want to share then speak up about it.

27 – Fundraise

Is there a cause close to heart your passionate about? Use your platform to promote and teach people about it.

28 – Talk about food (yum!)

Are you a good cook or been to a nice restaurant? Post a picture or write about it.

29 – Share an image

Whether it’s a memory from the past or something cool you found on the Internet – share it!

30 – Behind the scenes

Talk about your set up (desk layout, camera position, software etc.). You can write a post, record a video or share pictures

I hope my 30 ideas help you going forward!

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