What's Your Bucket List?

A bucket list is a set of things you wish to do before you.. well to put bluntly - die!

The origins date back to the times of capital punishment when people were killed by hanging. The theory is the victim would stand on a bucket, which was then kicked, and die through strangulation. It’s a metaphor to live life to the fullest before somebody kicks your bucket and, well you know the rest..

Our time in this world is limited. We must live it to the fullest even in the face of adversary. You shouldn’t let people decide your dreams for you, but you also must be realistic with your expectations. You can dream to be rich but don’t expect to have deeper pockets than Jeff Bezos. Or perhaps you want to be a professional footballer, every boy's dream, which is fine if you’ve got time on your side, but if your approaching father time then I suggest changing your prospects.

I started my list at 29 years old. I also took my health into consideration as some activities I want to do are better (and more sensible) to accomplish within the next decade - such as sky diving. I examined my current financial position and tried to forecast when I will most likely do certain activities. The most expensive for me will be saving money towards a once in a lifetime tour of the USA. However, I think going to the states was always going to be one of my later goals as I would like to travel with a soulmate and be financially free when the time comes – fingers crossed, aye.

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia and the Pacific islands. They’re remote and far away from the fake society of the Western world. I’d love to spend a few nights in one of those little huts on top of the sea and have a see-through floor in the bedroom. I also want to scuba dive, especially in the coral reef. It looks magical but it’s sad to see it parts of it being destroyed by pollution and climate change. Other activities in my list include standing under a waterfall, being an extra in a movie, becoming my own boss (hopefully through this blog) and driving a Ferrari.

So why not start your bucket list after reading a few from mine. It’s time to reorganize your life so you find the best chance to achieve what you want. Find clarity and a purpose to live. Maybe your dreams don’t include necessities. Perhaps you just want to find somebody to love and create an adventure together.

Let’s get writing!