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Don't Be A Deadbeat Dad

I rarely vent when I write a post but I’m going all out to say to all deadbeat fathers


I know my opening sentence isn’t professional but I have no sympathy for men who contribute bringing children into our world only to not be involved in their life. A healthy birth is a blessing although some men will never appreciate the value of life. Some couples desperately try many years for a baby and never get the good news they deserve to hear. It’s sad how life sometimes favours those who don’t deserve it.

I’ve always wondered why is it the mothers who end up getting the blame? I remember my mum and other single mothers being humiliated by the Daily Mail newspaper in the 90s over a report on the rise of children living without a father. It’s easy to point the finger at women because they spent the majority of history as second-class citizens but the report could not have been any further from the truth.

A real man takes responsibility for his actions and will raise his child regardless of his relationship with the mother. He puts grudges aside and steps up to being a dad. I respect men who stick around even after a one-night stand and admit their involvement with the creation of a new life.

I’ve had debates with my mates on this subject in the past but their attitude is stubborn towards it. They blame the women for lying about being on the pill. However, if any of them read a book or paid attention to sex education at school, then they would know there’s still a chance of conception even with a rubber. Seriously lads – use your head before taking off her clothes.

I’m now going to play devil’s advocate because there are girls who had sex with a stranger to get pregnant on purpose. I might not agree with their intentions but if they turn out to be good mothers then who am I to judge?

This subject bothers me because I was brought into this world by deadbeat father. He was also a domestic abuser. Thankfully I was raised by my grandfather who erased any memory of him. I was 13 years old when I last saw him and he’s never reached out in 17 years. Although it doesn’t bother me because my grandfather has my heart.

I try to look into the psyche behind men who refuse to step up as fathers. Maybe he never understood the meaning of love from his parents and doesn't know how to give the same to his child.

Perhaps he lets issues with his partner interferes with his commitment as a father. Not every relationship is perfect but the person who suffers the most is neither of you – it’s your child. If you can’t make things work with her then go separate ways but don’t abandon your child over it. If you do then you’re a scumbag and maybe your child will realize it once they grow up. You will regret seeing them be a success without any influence from you.

My last assumption is you’re just a prick. You treat women like shit and some unlucky girl ended up in your life. The most you do is pay child support because the government forced you too. If you had it your way then you would probably spend that money down the boozer or on drugs.

I usually have a structured closing paragraph but I can’t be asked to even have the thought of my father on my mind. He's not worth my time and neither are any of you who are exactly like him.

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