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How I Beat My Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of constant worry. You’re living in sustained fear and feel nothing will ever go right for you, so you question your existence.

My anxiety started in my mid-20s after I took a wrong turn. I struggled to maintain eye contact and rushed every word because I didn’t want to be in the presence of anyone. I was uncomfortable with any form of social interaction. I was physically sick a few times because I let my fears control my cognitive thinking.

My confidence was shattered. I knew what I should be doing, but I could never find the courage to take minor steps in the right direction. My anxiety even stopped me from going to the gym. The one place that helped my confidence and changed my life was now one of the last places I ever wanted to visit. I didn’t want to be seen in public. I became a recluse. I used to hide my face to get something out of the car, even though it was parked a few feet away from my house. I developed a form of social anxiety: one of many anxiety disorders. However, I knew I couldn’t live like this forever because I had dreams I wanted to achieve and a world to explore.

The hardest step was telling my family. Nevertheless, owning up to someone, especially those who love you, not only makes you realise how much people care about you, but it is also a giant leap forward.

I also took control of my life by doing some of the following;

I spoke to a doctor who gave me a few leaflets for different charities I could talk to. It made me realise others are going through the same battle, and I could use them as support.

I spent some of my savings and bought a new wardrobe. I had to reinvigorate myself and walk out the front door feeling like a king. It was time to throw away the lazy loungewear I’d been moping around for far too long.

I re-joined the gym too. My motivation came from visualising how I would look maybe a year later. I want to be stronger and leaner than ever. Push myself to the limits as hard as possible and create a solid & positive mindset.

I finally stopped comparing myself to others, thus removing people from my social media accounts who I deemed unmotivating. You might have a fantastic body and a life of wealth, but it’s not inspiring me. You’re just another stuck-up airhead craving attention from strangers. Instead, I started to follow people or groups who would encourage and motivate me.

It’s time to open your doors and fulfil your potential. Let's stop the negative thoughts and start thinking positively because there's always light at the end of the tunnel. You will begin to love yourself again.

Good luck!

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