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Why I Miss My Childhood

Life as an adult is all about the following - credit cards, mortgages & broken relationships.

However, do you ever reminisce about the innocent days?

I was blessed with a peaceful childhood - full of happy memories. I couldn’t have asked for a better life during the 90s. My family didn’t have much but they made sure I was happy. I hope to give my future children a childhood experience parallel to mine.

These 3 things come to mind when I reminisce about my life as a kid – Pokémon, wrestling & the school holiday play scheme.

Pokémon was the absolute bomb in the 90s. I played both red & blue versions of the game religiously on the Nintendo Gameboy. I did play outdoors quite often but as soon as I was called in, I was face down into the Gameboy. I remember all the boys fighting over being the first person to collect all 150 Pokémon. I guess it was our way of impressing the girls back then!

I used to be a wrestling junkie too. WWE was known as WWF back then before the lawsuit name change. I was either 9 or 10 years old when my cousin told me it wasn’t real. I was gullible, and rather stupid at times, as a child. However, the wrestlers back in that era were larger than life characters especially with people like Dwayne Johnson, who was known as The Rock, leading the pack.

I also used to attend a local play scheme during the holidays. I made wonderful friends and made such loving memories when I look back at them. From 9 am to 3 pm every day playing football, wrestling on the bouncy castles & eating tons of sweets. A young boy’s perfect day, right?

I also loved my primary school. I was actually a proper good boy. I was rarely in trouble so the teachers were always good to me unlike some of the little horrors who were in my class. I’ve always said I want my future children to be privately educated but then I remember the good times I had at a public primary school. Unfortunately, society has changed and schools aren’t as strict with pupils anymore. I wouldn’t want to put my children at risk.

My life changed forever as a teenager during high school. Easily the worst years of my life. I didn’t know anyone when I joined, unlike other children who moved up with their former classmates, thus I had to force myself to make new friends. It was even tougher when you were as shy as me. Yeah, I really missed primary school and my old friends.

I had beautiful memories. I know the 90s were hard for some children because of the wars in certain parts of the world. It's why I continue to pray to God every night and thank him for my blessings because I take nothing for granted in life.

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