Why I Pray Every Night

I’ve been praying before bed for most of my life. My mother encouraged me to do it when I was younger. She told me to be thankful for what I have in life and to pray for those who have nothing. Praying is giving our attention to God. The few minutes I spend praying before bed is vital to my daily routine. It gives me a sense of hope, comfort and a purpose in life. I always start by thanking him for blessing me with a loving family and then I begin talking about my ambitions, dreams and struggles.

I’ve only read a few chapters in the bible so I wouldn’t call myself a true Christian. Yet I still ask for God’s forgiveness and guidance because we are all his children. Whether or not you accept him into your life is your personal choice, but I find it selfish when people only ask for God’s help when confronting danger even though they’ve never previously acknowledged him.

There will always be a stigma attached to those who pray. People refuse to pray because they don’t believe in fate. I’ve made a few bad decisions in life due to my arrogance or stupidity even though I prayed the night before asking for a positive outcome, therefore proving your point that praying doesn’t do anything. However, when one door shuts, another opens. God knows that today’s failure might be tomorrow’s success. I move on, learn from every situation and I count my blessings such as reminding myself how fortunate I am to have fresh water to drink and a warm bed to sleep in at night. I always wake up a better person than I was yesterday.

The most common reason why people don’t pray is that they don’t believe in God (otherwise known as atheists). It’s a sensitive subject depending on your values. I personally don’t push my relationship with God on anyone. Nevertheless, I always offer prayer as a suggestion if a friend is struggling.

I just can’t see how our existence is by accident. There must have been some divine input for us to be here and I’m also talking about the purpose of evolution. Someone will always judge our opinion which is what I hate most about the subject. Nobody is right or wrong because we’re not supposed to know the answers to everything in life.

Is Jesus being tied to a cross not factual evidence?

Is witnessing supernatural activity prior to or after a death of a relative a sign that angels are present?

Is our existence today just a test before we enter another such as an afterlife?

I will continue to pray until my time it’s my time to leave this world. It gives me closure every night. I get motivated and rallied up for the challenges that I will face tomorrow. I go into every situation knowing that someone is looking over me so I’m never alone. There are days when I ask for too much, but I get something little in return which was bigger than I ever imagined.

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