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5 Reasons To Embrace Your 30s

Before you read any further, why not take a minute to appreciate life regardless of your age?

20 isn’t old, neither is 30, nor is 40, or even 50. Quit whining and live in the moment rather than using your age as an excuse for not achieving your goals.

My 20s were turbulent although I refused to let tough situations beat me. I’m still here typing away so I must be doing something right. Even after I almost lost everything I remain optimistic that my 30s will erase all the pain of my 20s.

I will use my 30s to achieve my dreams, explore the world, catch up on lost time and hopefully meet a nice lady to settle down as I approach the end of the next decade.

Here are 5 things why you should embrace your 30s and why you should use them as hope rather than insignificance.

You’re still young

Please look at the bigger picture. Life expectancy is increasing every year due to advance medical science and a better quality of life. The UN states the average age is 72.5 years old but it's a general statistic and not based on your specific lifestyle.

You're 40 damn years away from the bloody average. Do you know how much time that is?

As long as you eat clean, maintain a positive mindset and have annual health checks (so doctors can notice potential problems well in advance) then there’s no reason why you can’t live into your 80s, 90s or even a century!

You have time to restart

Whether you struggled at school, skipped college or failed university; you’re never too old to learn something new. There are thousands of online courses to enrol if you want to seek a new career and you can do it in the comfort of your living room without getting into debt.

Marriage has no expiry date

Stop comparing your love life to everybody else!

This ridiculous concept of needing to walk down the aisle before 30 years old is a damn myth. The younger you tie the knot then the more likely you will sign a divorce paper anyway.

Stop rushing to find love; let it come to you. Write down a list of dreams rather than a list of perfect partners. You will look just as beautiful (or handsome) walking down the aisle on your special day at 40 or 50 years old if it ever happens.

The perfect time to invest is now

I blew all my savings on pointless necessities, fake friends, holidays and poor decisions. The sooner you own up to your mistakes, the easier it will be to move on and start fresh.

If you’re restarting at 30 years old then you have at least 40-45 years of work until retirement. It sounds depressing working in a job you hate for most of your life so it is crucial to make smarter financial decisions now before it’s too late.

Building your wealth over time in different investment schemes, such as unit trusts, bonds and real estate, makes your money work for you while you continue to get on with life. Depending on your investment choices, there’s no reason why you might not get lucky and retire earlier than expected with a nice sum of money for retirement.

Time to put your health first

Our physical decline begins in our late 30s. It's a gradual process so don't start worrying just yet. However, if you start training hard now then you can excel for another good 10-15 years at a reasonably high level.

Starting a new healthy and fitter lifestyle in your 30s will add years to your life and is great for your mental health too. The older you become then the more reluctant you will want to train, therefore it's an important decision you need to make now.

I hope some of my tips (albeit quite obvious) will change perceptions of our 30s into something positive.

Peace out until next time.

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