Why Travelling Is Great For Your Mental Health

Travelling is the biggest form of independence. You learn so much about yourself when you go outside your comfort zone and explore what our beautiful world has to offer. However, it was my worst fear when I was younger. I would feel queasy riding in a car to the next town to play football on a Sunday morning. I’ve also been physically sick on two occasions; one time at an airport and another on a coach back from France. I always had travel sickness pills by my side wherever I went but they rarely prevented any feeling of nausea. I thankfully don’t experience those levels of stress anymore but I do take precautions before a journey as I still get incredibly anxious.

I travelled abroad for the first time when I was 12 years old. It’s a common trend in England where the first-year students in secondary school go on a day trip to France. We visited Calais, a popular market town, and then went to Cite Europe for a couple of hours which is a large shopping centre close to the channel tunnel. It was an amazing experience and I’m forever grateful that my family saved enough for me to go as it wasn’t cheap.

I think travelling is great for your mental health. I always come back from trips with a new, burning desire to make things work – both personal and professionally. It’s escapism from the hassle of real life for a few days. I can recharge my batteries aka my mindset. I use the free time to put all my problems aside and structurally reorganise my direction in life, but It means nothing if I don’t return home more motivation than ever.

I control my anxiety and nerves before travelling by putting on my noise-cancelling headphones and listening to music that gets me hyped. In the past I would work myself up with a constant cycle of negative thoughts in my head, so the investment in some good, quality headphones provides me with comfort and a distraction from fearing the worst.

I have a light snack before leaving the house. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I can’t travel with a full, bloaty stomach thus I have a salad sandwich, fruit and plenty of ice-cold water. I recommend buying acupressure bands too (a couple of quid) and get plenty of sleep (9 hours minimum). You want a clear mind with plenty of rest before a very busy and no doubt tiring day ahead.

Travelling is the ultimate way to express your freedom. Don’t enter later life and regret not wishing you saw more of the world in your youth.

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